Concrete Colours

Imprinted co­ncrete paving by CretePave offers clients a range of 25 colours and a large selection of texture prints. The product is a combination of reinforced and colour hardeners, offering a durable surface that will stand the test of time!

The pattern imprinted textured concrete surface offers a true effect of slate, cobble, or flagstones that can be sealed in either matt, sheen, or gloss finishes.

The sealent is a acrylic based and includes an anti slip agent, incorported into the mix.

Designed through many years of research from all the top UK concrete manufacturers and coupled with PICs ( colour hardener suppliers), CretePave supply the customer a unique product that deliveries and promises a longevity, durabilty and desirable finish, together with a proven track record that can outstrip all other similar products on the market today.

Concrete Colour Surface Hardener (CSH) Colours

Charcoal Slate Grey Steel Grey Platinum Grey Silver Grey
Mahogany Deep Tan Tudor Brown Rustic Sandstone Bideford Buff
Avon Stone Purbeck Stone Biscuit Sandstone Buff Deep Red
Plum Terracotta Brick Red Champagne Pink Slate Green
Steadman Buff Lawn Green Slate Blue Pool Blue Unpigmented

PICS Antique Release Agent (RA) Colours

Charcoal Classic Grey Platinum Grey Mahogany Chocolate
Tan Beige Tile Red Slate Green Plum


Typical Grey Concrete Fern Aqua Blue Chestnut Deep Green
Bronze Mahogany Terracotta Burnt Orange Seal Brown

Silicone Joint Filler Colours

Black Dark Bronze Teak Grey Rustic Red
Buff Portland Arthracite White Clear
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